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Facility Improvements 2014

This summer has been a busy one at BTC and we are really proud of all the improvements we have made.

Before the end of term we had the back carpark resurfaced and the difference is amazing, no more pot holes and now proper parking spaces! We widened the path and added some extra bollards too. The latest addition here is some new stepping stones in amongst the gravel ... an extra path for those with the overwhelming urge to walk in the stones.

Next both our Men's and Women's changing rooms have had a much needed facelift. Two weeks of hard work and a bit of perseverance mean the bathrooms are looking much nicer.

With all new showers, tiles, floors and a fresh coat of paint, they are now a much better reflection of our new sharper image.

We have also had an upgrade of our court lights, and had over 6000 new pins put in the roof to help deal with the little leaks that appear now and again in the wetter weather.

With these improvement under our belts and the bubble on its way, it's looking to be a very exciting time for BTC.


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