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Jon W Sports Injury and Physiotherapy is based at Bromley Tennis Centre and BTC Members receive a discount on every appointment with them.


Jon W Sports Injury and Physiotherapy have a team of leading Physiotherapists and Sports Injury Therapists who work with all ages, abilities and a huge variety of injuries. They can also provide Sports Massage treatment for all aches and pains as well as those wanting to remain in peak condition. 


Every patient they work with will:


  • Be treated as an individual, taking into account personal symptoms and reasons for wanting to be pain-free.

  • Have a deep investigation to find the problem and importantly the cause.

  • Be provided with manual soft tissue therapy to correct your pain or restrictions - all appointments include Sports Massage.

  • Be provided with an individual rehabilitation program, composed of pictures and videos with exercises for you.

  • They also work with our Strength and Conditioning coaches to help our players and members return to the court from injury quicker. 

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