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Recent research has confirmed that regular resistance training delivered by qualified professionals can help develop a youth athlete through periods of growth and maturation which can typically cause problems with their  movement capabilities.


We enable athletes to access quality training in a safe environment. Meaning all athletes having the opportunity to develop physical robustness and confidence while being able to cope with the challenging demands of their sport with a reduced likelihood of injury.

Our group sessions are split by age and ability into appropriate groups with long term athletic development at the heart of our program.  Sessions help athletes get fitter, faster and stronger with the goal of improving performance and reducing the likelihood of injury, while building key physical skills and total body athleticism.


Each session covers core elements of athletic performance including sprint and movement technique, jumping and plyometrics, agility, strength training, stability and mobility and supports athletes development across all sports.



Coaches will assess you depending on the needs of your sport and collect data using industry leading equipment, providing research grade results. Based on your results, our coaches can build a bespoke programme - whatever sport you play we have you covered.

Some of our more commonly used tests are listed below but if you would like other insights just let us know. 

  • Sprint testing

  • Change of direction tests

  • Endurance tests

  • Power output tests

  • Agility tests


By analysing your results we can provide you with your own individualised report identifying areas of strength and those that need to be improved. Along with your assessment you have the option of follow up support where we build a programme based on your results, your sport, individual needs, and schedule. Our goal is to make you a more efficient mover, increase performance and decrease the likelihood of injury.

1 Hour - £45

30 mins - £27.5


Or book 12 sessions for the price of 10! 

Contact the team to arrange your session here 

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