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Coronavirus - Centre Update

Dear customers

In light of the recent announcement by Government and the further guidance issued today by our governing body, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), I am writing to inform you that Bromley Tennis Centre will remain closed at this time.

The Government has made it clear that only outdoor tennis can take place, this is also outlined explicitly in the LTA’s ‘Guidelines for Tennis Venues’ document published this afternoon (you can find the document here) that indoor venues are not permitted to open. As we were forced into lockdown before the date scheduled for the bubble to be dismantled and packed away, the company contracted to carry out this task are now unable to complete it whilst also maintaining the required social distancing measures. This therefore means that courts 7-10 are not outdoor and are also inaccessible.

The LTA have issued similar guidelines for tennis coaches and tennis players – you can find them here.

We are disappointed that we can’t reunite you with the sport that we love however we are fully supportive of the decision and will only re-open when we can be sure that our centre is safe for you and our team to return to. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Best wishes


BTC General Manager


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