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Lois and Eloise meet Judy Murray

April is Highland Spring National Mini Tennis Month and BTC family, the Newberrys were a crucial part of the promotion this week. On Tuesday they travelled to London, spent the day with Judy Murray and her team and even appeared on The One Show in the evening. Below is Lois' report on the day.

We are running an event this Sunday for Mini Tennis Month, click here to find all the details.


14th April - Lois Newberry

Judy Murray must be the proudest tennis Mum in the country. Her son, Andy won Wimbledon in 2013 and last weekend he got married! On 14th April 2015 I was selected to have some coaching by Judy Murray. We travelled on a packed commuter train to London, it was a bright and sunny morning. Then we got a cab from the Shard to Canada Water. As we walked in, the phtoographer was taking photos of Judy Murray. She then came over and did some coaching with Eloise, my sister, and I. We had to do some tennis drills using beanbags, hoops and a racket with no strings. I was enthusiastic and eager to learn the new drills. The drills were to help us with our movement around the court. Judy Murray was great fun and my best exercise was when I played with a tennis racket which had no strings.

We were invited back in the evening to the BBC Studios in London to perform on The One Show. I was so excited I thought I was going to burst. When I got there, there was a court set up outside the Studios with lots of people around it watching. We were taken to the Green Room which had lots of treats for us! We met Matt Baker and Alex Jones, who host The One Show. Matt was very talkative and Alex was beautiful. Matt was my doubles partner to start off with, and he was very funny because he didnt have any tennis skills and didnt know the different colour of the balls!. During the preshow and show we played for an hour and three quarter. i was nervous at first about being on telelvision but then in the end I just got into the tennis and really enjoyed it. I loved the bit of the show where Judy murray had to serve a ball to hit the leftovers from Andy's wedding.

The highlight of my day was playing doubles with Judy Murray and we beat the boys 5-2! She kept on giving me high fives and at at the end she told me to smash them, so I did!. It was the best day ever and I felt so lucky to be chosen.


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